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While they sitting at the wedding feast, the music suddenly stopped, the doors opened, and a proud king came in with a great retinue. On the third day the king had ridden out hunting, and the boy went once more and said, "Even if I wanted to, I could not open the door. The old poet sat down again beside the stove, and took the little boy in his lap; he wrung the water out of his streaming hair, warmed the child's hands within his own, and gave him mulled wine to drink. Only ask them, dear child, and they will certainly tell thee all about it. Thou shalt have wine and roasted apples, for thou art verily a charming child! His body was brown like rusty iron, and his hair hung over his face down to his knees.

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It was snorting with its nostrils, and could hardly be restrained.

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Hans Andersen's fairy tales (Robinson)/The Naughty Boy

Thou shalt have wine and roasted apples, for thou art verily a charming child! He quickly pulled it out again, but saw that it was completely covered with gold. He did not want to keep them, giving them instead to the gardener for his children to play with. Then a naked arm reached out of the water, seized the dog, and pulled it under. The boy, who wanted to have his ball back, threw all caution to the wind, and got the key.

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naked long hair fairy boy
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naked long hair fairy boy
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