Bump on vagina that squirts blood

Had a pap smear done, been tested for everything ad it canme back normal, so did the ultra sound results. I can't stand when my boyfriend rubs my clit. I don't understand I have my period but when I dont have my period I smell like the bloodmy vagina looks so weird it has to flappy bits and it looks weird help!!! This encourages bacteria to grow within the follicles. I had something white coming from my vagina!

Please help me, it's getting really bad and I don't know what to do.

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Hello, i have alot of discharge, like if i have my underwear on then like 3 hours later, my underwear will be wet right in the middle and its annoying. All my friends have lost their virginity to unprotected sex before and I've never heard them talk about anything like this before And I'm nervous to tell my mom. Any advise would be great thanks! If you put two fingers into the vagina and push upwards, you will be able to feel the cervix.

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