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But I think your point has been well received by all, which seems to be in summary"All cars are bad, all cars are good, it's just a matter of context. Indeed, I'll get back to that later today when I have time. The reliable narrator The un reliable narrator is a famous literary tool most commonly linked with first person narration. VirtualxRacer Originally Posted by: Nice article, what do you think about book series where the persons between different books change? And those specific cars were generally known as "turn key dragsters" as they were designed specifically by the manufacturers to be handed over directly to profession drag racers. You could really go as mild or as wild as you'd desire with these cars.

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But the six speed in the corvette has two overdrives for fuel efficiency.

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Hell, for the big block alone you had several options. You can answer it for yourself, but, for me, I say yes it was. True, many don't have any amenities beyond air conditioning and some didn't even have that. Monday, June 16, 6: For both of us. So is the third person for you? I stole the device from Robert B.

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