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Fry, in shock, discovers his head was grafted onto Amy's shoulder in order to be kept alive. Cohen stated that he considers this one of his favorite episodes of Futurama' s sixth season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because of this, the Professor hates robosexuals. To fight against this, Bender and Amy launch a campaign for the legalization of robosexual marriage. Amy loses hope, but Bender says that they will win due to his upcoming debate against Professor Farnsworth, the leader of the Proposition Infinity opposition. As a result, Fry accidentally kicks Bender, and the robot's rear end explodes.

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Having suppressed the truth for so long, Farnsworth reveals that the robot's name was actually Unit 47 and that he caught her in bed with another robot.

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Put Your Head on My Shoulders

Fry, in shock, discovers his head was grafted onto Amy's shoulder in order to be kept alive. The next day, Zoidberg reattaches Fry's head to his now-repaired body, and everything returns to normal. Futurama season 6 episodes American television episodes American LGBT-related television episodes Same-sex marriage in television. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Zoidberg to come with them. The episode was inspired by the controversy that arose from California Proposition 8 in the United States during and was written by Michael Rowe.

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