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Consider using the mattress as your ultimate support system, like with this position, where you're on all fours and resting your arms and head on the mattress to help hold the weight of your stomach. You can do this on hands and knees and your partner kneeling behind you. Tucking a few pillows under your back can help relieve any pressure. But staying that way for an extended period can make you dizzy and reduce blood flow to the baby, not to mention put uncomfortable pressure on your back. As for positions, most of them are considered safe — just experiment to find which positions best accommodate your growing belly and use pillows for added comfort.

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See, as your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, they cause changes in your body that boost libido.

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The Best Positions for Sex During Pregnancy

Not exactly a "position" per se, but it pays to know that performing oral sex or having oral sex performed on you is certainly not out of the question! In this position, you stand facing a wall with your hubs behind you. It can also be a super-comfortable way to have pregnant sex, because there's no pressure on your abdomen and you have lots of movement. Lie on your back on the bed, then scooch down so that your bottom is at the edge of the bed and your legs are dangling down towards the floor. Share Tweet Copy Link.

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positions for pregnant woman having sex
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positions for pregnant woman having sex
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