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Retrieved July 1, Eric, I still remain befuddled at some of the stuff about LICD that you rank as either good or middling. Least I Could Do: Which is a strange thing for what is, after all, a centerpiece video not only for Least I Could Do but the whole animation studio itself. Now, some of you are staring at me like I'm nuts. Marcej May 11, at 8:

In the case of this comic it results in all of the characters having really similar facial expressions.

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Finally, while they haven't gone overboard with the serious moments -- we're in no danger of a Cerebus attempt or a First and Ten here -- they can be disruptive to the rhythm, and should be very carefully managed. Which is possibly why it's the most successful sitcom of all time. The comic and website have been undergoing some major changes as a result. LICD submitted 1 year ago by cysatoshi. I read through the whole first year, then sampled two to three storylines for every year onward. With everything else though, I feel you were spot on. I wonder if it's because the situations aren't as good, or if it's that there hasn't been any incredible ones for a while, or if I just moved past them.

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