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Dale's mother is deceased, this fact being learned in episode "Bobby on Track. I don't respond to private number or sms. This article possibly contains original research. Dale remembers when Hank was a smoker and even is thrilled when Hank re-lapses. According to a high ranking Manitoba president, Dale should have died by now, having smoked overcigarettes essentially 90 cigarettes per dayenough to earn every item in the Manitoba catalog. He owns surplus Soviet night vision goggles and eavesdropping listeners.

I don't respond to private number or sms.

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Dale simply replies, "Get off my mower Redcorn had jumped through the window by climbing onto Dale's lawn mower and start massaging my wife," still in belief that Redcorn was simply Nancy's masseur with the task of curing her false recurrent migraine headaches forcing Redcorn to say in an exasperated tone that Dale was "taking some of the fun out of this". Dale used the alias of Central American singing sensation Lamotil when he was in Mexico for the elections in the episode "The Perils of Polling". Dale's paranoid nature extends to his home and family. However, Dale inevitably reveals his identity anyway after a few minutes through one act of stupidity or another, such as using the two names interchangeably with the same person. He helped them win the big game.

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