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If it was referring to self-ejaculation then we wouldn't be having wet dreams a couple times a week People say that masturbation is forbidden because the Prophet pbuh told us to fast. The irony is that when Muslims talk about following Islam which came just years ago, they are labeled by the secularists as 'reactionaries,' 'those who want to turn the clock backwards,' 'anti -progress,' and now these very people are going millions of years back according to their own counting and following the wild animals or the primitive societies to determine what is natural for us and what is not natural! Likewise, certain ulema allow smoking unless one is sure that it will cause them harm however, I agree with Fadhallah's view that it is haram, because it DOES cause addiction and harm. The Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and his family, said: Inshallah someone can please give us an answer of why it is so prohibited. If we look at it from a critical angle, masturbation is a precisely defined action in the jurisprudential sense, and anything that meets the definition is haram. To prove that it is natural, they give examples of some wild animals, like monkeys.

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So, while the act of masturbating may more enjoyable than wet dreams, the spring-in-step effect one gets after have wet dreams is more rewarding and enjoyable than the cold, dull almost stoned-liked feeling one gets from masturbating, especially when one has been doing it for awhile.

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Worst of all if you. Yes, but there's two meanings to that statement, and they're not to be confounded. To say that masturbation is forbidden because it causes physical harm to you has been refuted not only by medicine countless times as well as common sense. It's a pity that females are less willing to engage in it. I would only have made a monumentally terrible deal if it were not for the reward for obedience that religion has to offer for it. With both wet dreams and masturbation, you are detached from any partner and are stimulating yourself. Ayatollah Fadlallah also allows masturbation in the case of females because according to him, they do not ejaculate.

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