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Buffalo Roy, what's your twenty? Nominate as Song of the Day. I like football, and porno, and books about war. The song made MuchMusic 's "50 Most Controversial Videos of All Time" and reached spot 37 for its profanity, making fun of handicapped people, and threatening to destroy the environment. You wanna be one a' them CBers, you gonna learn how to ratchetjaw! Retrieved from " http: I drive really slow, In the ultra fast lane, while people, behind me, are going insane.

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Enviar la letra 'I'm An Asshole' por email.

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John Wayne's not dead He's frozen and as soon as we find the cure for cancer We're gonna thaw out the duke and he's gonna be pretty pissed off You know why? Shara Worden] Who's gonna save you When All the Lights go out It's time to reconcile, how you gonna go, how you gonna go? Enviar la letra 'I'm An Asshole' por email. In a appearance on The Opie and Anthony Showcomedian Louis CK claimed that Leary stole his "I'm an asshole" routine, which was then expanded upon and turned into a hit song by Leary. AKA] And the beat goes on They don't really make it like this no more Skhot' so hard, bosso ke mang Everything good but I ain't D'Banj Work so hard everyday we span Party don't stop till I say we done Headshots and I'm toast Silver and gold Then you zone out, thinking how these situations unfold He probably throwing his dick around and I'm waiting up for his call Yeah this whole club so turned up nobody trying to go home Black cards, rap stars, these hoes trying to get choked I stay on my grind, you stay on my mind, spend my time [Bridge: The word " asshole " is said at least 27 times, according to MuchMusic 's Devon Soltendieck. Yeah, you puttin' me on, aren't cha?

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i m an asshole leary
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i m an asshole leary
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