Damage to sinus facial smash

Animal attacks and work-related injuries such as industrial accidents are other causes. Most of these injuries result from medical examination of the nose—particularly in emergency circumstances—or as complications of plastic surgery. There is no way to completely prevent facial fractures. These conditions have to be addressed immediately before a more thorough examination of the face is performed. Also, fractures of the jawbones may cause breathing problems or make it difficult to chew, speak, or swallow. This type of reduction is performed for fractures of the nasal bones that are limited in size and complexity. Tracheal intubation inserting a tube into the airway to assist breathing may be difficult or impossible due to swelling.

Nasal injuries from piercing include bacterial infections of the skin and nasal cartilage, allergic reactions to the jewelry, tissue damage, and periodic bleeding.

Facial trauma

This type of injury may result in a nasal fracture. Reduction —The restoration of a body part to its original position after displacement, such as the reduction of a fractured bone by bringing ends or fragments back into original alignment. It is hoped that when patients do experience the first symptoms of a complication, they seek immediate medical attention and avoid potentially life-threatening situations and the need for crippling or disfiguring surgery. Definition Nasal trauma is defined as any injury to the nose or related structure that may result in bleeding, a physical deformity, a decreased ability to breathe normally because of obstruction, or an impaired sense of smell. Fractures to other facial bones can also occur.

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