Will replens affect oral sex

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Log in or register to post comments reads. Comment by Aviyah on August 7, 1: Have a lovely day! I cannot see that trying a three pack of Replens, for the sake of having my own experience to relate to, can be of much harm in the long term. Vanessa on Sentence Starters. Always looking for a new and, perhaps, better product!!

Oil-based will degrade condoms.

Dry Down There?

There is no scientific research supporting or refute these claims. Is the container recyclable? Of course, we have sex every days so I do use it regularly, but just prior, so that it actually helps some. However, I just did a quick squiz around the bathroom and found that none of the products I use regularly contains either carbomer P or anything like it, or parabens either. I had seen in the past in the feminine hygiene aisle of the store that besides lubes, their was also vaginal moisturizers, so I decided to try one. Others may have differing views of the product. My last real period was early this summer, though I have had some more or less monthly spotting since then.

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