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Read my mind 3. And yet, it's probably the best slasher movie made since the genre's heyday. Jason is the most successful film in both franchises' histories: Kid, 12 years old August 19, The plot is somewhat good. Just when you think it can't possibly keep going, Yu finds a way to drag it out for another ten minutes. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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However it somehow feels more like Friday the 13th with paper thin characters and a bad plot the only real reason to watch this is to see Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger fight, and while the movie is fun to watch in some parts it fails to make a memorable movie.

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It mainly focuses on stupid generic teens who are traumatized by Freddy and Jason. Jason has some really cool kills, and some genuinely good moments. Jason ended up becoming the comic book miniseries Freddy vs. But he instinctively knows what slasher fans want to see and, thankfully, New Line has allowed him to make the film as gory and over-the-top as it needed to be to please that crowd. For a brief period, the plan works: Jason will be entirely unwatchable.

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girl from freddy vs jason sex scene
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girl from freddy vs jason sex scene
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