Measles threat to adult health

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Discussion Eradication effort has to permanently eliminate a pathogen everywhere in the world thereby removing the risk of reintroduction and re-establishment. Measles in Italy Travel Notice: Measles is a childhood infection caused by a virus. Beyond a possible refusal of philosophical objectors to respond, there might be a selection bias towards those with a greater health-seeking behaviour, hence a higher tendency for vaccinated individuals to respond to this survey which in return might lead to an overestimation of the vaccination coverage. This survey was solely funded by the Landesuntersuchungsamt Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. Prior to calculating coverage we tested for non-responder bias using logistic regression. During an elimination process, once an infection is driven to very low levels, the ecology of pathogens may change requiring different surveillance and control strategies [ 12 ].

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Levy P, Lemeshaw S.

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Facts about Measles for Adults

Most people born or living in the United States before are immune to measles, simply because they've already had it. Study participants were encouraged to contact their GP about their vaccination status or contact their parents or legal guardians. We therefore conducted a representative cross-sectional survey among year old young adults to assess the vaccination status of this age-group in Rhineland-Palatinate RPa federal state in the Southwest of Germany. Bundesgesundheitsblatt Gesundheitsforschung Gesundheitsschutz Dec;47 This effect is called herd immunity. Accessed March 2,

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measles threat to adult health
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measles threat to adult health
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