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Your child may eventually ask for guidance, or she may work things out on her own, emerging from her isolation when she's good and ready. Silent During Sing-Alongs Timidness trigger: Even if she was outgoing, her confidence may falter. She may need to figure out where she fits in and what kind of friends she really wants. If you can boost your child's confidence and help her have a few successes in the social arena, she'll forget about the audience and some of her shyness will likely disappear.

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Berry, MD, and Joshua D.

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So make sure your child sees you interact with friends in social situations. But there are simple ways to boost your child's confidence, even in the most trying situations. Most of the time, teenage shyness is a temporary phase and nothing to worry about. Is there a connection? Being forceful is guaranteed to backfire, but gentle encouragement can help your child feel more comfortable in the spotlight.

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