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He felt so embarrassed that he never saw Mary after that incident. Even though I orgasm too quickly… Then a choice statement: Mercola -- Part 6 of 7 Tips for when clients have difficulty accessing their feelings Hearing voices and multiple issues relieved: Nancy Morris considers this to be one of easiest "romantic problems" to resolve and she illustrates this with an actual case. In the process she says, "Moving on, I asked Dan if there were any other incidents that are memorable from his early years.

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Dan was to imagine taking all the sensation and energy that he feels in the head of his penis and moving it down the shaft, into his groin, spreading it down his legs, into the earth, up his belly and chest, into his heart, feeling love for Angie, down his arms, and into his hands so that he could move his sexual energy into Angie.

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EFT for Sexuality – Sex and Masturbation

Two successes where the client surrogate taps for other people--everyone benefits Tips to consider when you have had "incomplete success" with an EFT client Conversations with Dr. Using surrogate EFT for easing a courtroom testimony A followup after a surrogate session in Albuquerque--Betsy's impressive results A touching story: Due to the nature of this case, there is very specific and intimate information. This is his progress report: Now he feels a lack of interest and some boredom due to the frustration of PE. Moving on, I asked Dan if there were any other incidents that are memorable from his early years.

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