My husband has a bra fetish

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Your differentiation might involve not backing down so easily, and maybe seeing the ways that your husband utilizes your limits in this area to avoid things. It is just lacking in any sort of real depth, or least feels so to me. I had therapy in my early 20s and it got me far enough past my depression and anxiety that I am a competent functional woman that can handle relationships and life, but there are still lingering scars. It has gotten so bad I have had to call the police to take my dad away. I could now last for a long time, since everything had been taken care of. For some it's a sexual fetish; others do it because they say it calms them and relieves stress. Sounds like a deep personal problem and instead of bragging about your perversions seek a psychiatrist.

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I decided to wear the hose out and, as I was paying for them, noticed some boots in the display, knee high and with a good five-inch heel; I asked if he had any in size 9.

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Wife baffled by husband's fetish

So while some of it is sexy for him like seeing a woman in diapers or having a woman diaper him, part of it also just makes him feel more comfortable with who he is. But at that point he had either not confronted himself far enough to acknowledge how much it meant to him, or he was not able to hold onto himself enough to present it to me truly. He would probably say that I tried to be accommodating for two years and then made him pay for it for the next ten. I wantd to give him enough that he could finally say "this is ok. I then set myself to tidying up a little and subtly altering the mood in the house so that Mike would have a clue, if he was not thinking about work too much when he got home, that tonight was going to be a little different.

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my husband has a bra fetish
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my husband has a bra fetish
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